We’re looking for freelance writers for a vegan/cruelty-free website.

Most of the content is going to be informational with some product reviews mixed in. This position will be extremely suitable for animal lovers and people interested in plant-based diets.

Writers should be able to contribute at least two 1000 word articles per week on a regular basis. This will take about 4-8 hours per week. A typical 1000 word article will take about 2 hours – 45 minutes for research and 75 minutes to write.

Payment is 3 cents per word, via PayPal within 24 hours of submitting the article. Most writers write 300-700 words per hour ($9-$21 per hour). 

Writing for us, you will need to follow specific templates that we will provide. This is not SEO-type content. All posts must be well-researched and useful for your reader. Writers will be provided with training in the required writing formats. We expect you to learn quickly and produce posts that require very little editing. 

You don’t have to have tons of experience in writing to apply. New writers who are willing to learn are welcome to apply as well. 

Step 1: You fill the application.

Step 2: If you have been shortlisted I will contact you via email for a PAID test article at $0.03 per word

Step 3: If the article is suitable for our needs you will be invited to join our team for a permanent position.