E.J Digital Publishing owns and operates a portfolio of websites. Our mission is to provide an easy way for people to find accurate answers without having to do hours of research.

Our team consists of a couple of full-time members and a handful of freelance writers from all around the globe.

Every month, we serve hundreds of thousands of readers through our popular brands, Consumevegan.com and Thetibble.com (formerly known as Hvac-buzz.com), providing them with informative and engaging content that meets their needs and interests.

We are committed to constantly improving and expanding our content offerings to ensure that our readers have access to the latest and most relevant information.

What’s It Like Working With Us?

Taylor Mielke

Aug 18, 2021

Great Writing Experience and Flexible

Working with E.J Digital Publishing has been a very rewarding experience. I travel a lot, and being able to write from anywhere/create my own hours has made this position perfect for me. I am also gaining a lot of valuable knowledge regarding writing and researching. The staff has been very helpful, kind, and they are always happy to answer any questions I have.

Robyn Hyslop

Aug 11, 2021

E.J Digital Publishing is Different From Any Other Online Publisher

When I first started writing for E.J Digital Publishing, I knew they were different to any other online publishing service.

I received a fully outlined article (from someone who took time to research the title!), writing and formatting guides, and was paid within 24 hours of sending my invoice.

E.J Digital Publishing quite obviously cares about the content of their websites, not just racking up post numbers.

All feedback is fair and always aimed at teaching a opposed to criticising.

I’m extremely happy to be part of this team!

Matthew Pearmain

Aug 5, 2021

Working with E.J Digital Publishing is a joy.

There are few publishers that put as much effort into the content as the content writers do, and E.J Digital is one of them.

I have never before encountered more comprehensive content briefs, which makes every gig much more manageable.

Payment is always timely and fair, and all feedback is honest.

These are good people to work with.